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Digital accountancy

Countless businesses still use paper as the foundation for their accounting. But enterprises in all shapes and sizes deserve better than just a follow-up of their bookkeeping. At GDAC, we take the full digitalization of your accountancy in hand. This digitalization had several impressive advantages:

  • Better transparency and quick availability

  • Swift research of accounts and expenses

  • A full analysis of our books, wherever and whenever you want

Our reliable team has great expertise in the trade and a longstanding reputation. Rely on us to fully digitalize your bookkeeping through the newest techniques and innovations. We ourselves have become a digital company as well, with a service that makes our clients’ life easier.

What do we do?

  • Guidance from incorporation through to disposal/winding up/retirement

  • Personal tax, corporation tax, dividend withholding tax, non-residents tax, heritage tax (not-for-profit organisations)

  • Tax optimisation (tax shelter, liquidation reserve, pension build-up)

  • Optimisation of accounts organisation

  • Audit of internal accounts

  • Advice and assistance with acquisitions

  • Advice and assistance with inheritance

  • Advice on investments/staff recruitment

  • Assistance with movable and immovable property transactions

  • 2nd opinion

business support

Business support

Apart from a high-end service in accountancy, our firm offers you an network of experienced experts that can deliver business support at the highest level:

  • Business creation

  • Taxation

  • Standing orders

  • Premiums and subsidies

  • Reporting

  • Follow-up of unpaid invoices

  • Company screening and analysis

  • Restarting and transferring your dossier

To transfer your files and dossier, we take all the necessary steps to ensure the process is completed swiftly and without any delay or inconvenience on your end. Our team upholds continuity at any given time and plays by the rules of our sector organization. On top of that, we’ll advise you thoroughly on all possible services you can rely on and which advantages they hold for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: fill out the contact form and let’s meet!

fiscal advice

Fiscal advice

Intelligent tax advice is a business on its own. It takes years to comprehend all the rules and regulations. That’s why you need a partner that has fully mastered taxation and wields it to your benefit. Working with us assures you of optimal taxation strategies that help you grow.

Our fiscal advisors take the time to screen your company and put together a list of fiscal recommendations that will lay out the financial and fiscal groundwork that allows your company to prosper. The quarterly declaration of VAT is also provided by us.

tailer-made approach

Tailor-made approach

Our main goal is to create an optimal financial and fiscal framework for our clients. That’s why a tailor-made approach is of the essence.
Our team invests all the time that is needed to manage your accounts to the full. Rest assured that you will always receive clear-cut answers to all of your questions regarding taxation and accountancy.